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Thinking of Becoming an Owner Operator?

Thinking of Becoming an Owner Operator?

FMCSA compliance can be a daunting and overwhelming task for a new business owner wanting to fulfill their dream of being their own boss and running as an owner operator. With affordable local service providers, this can be a simple process that will allow you to focus on what matter most for you, which is your business model, finances and customer acquisition to keep you running a profitable and successful business. We use and highly recommend the team at Compliance Service Bureau LLC, 877-906-1303, Dana and her amazing team are based locally in Boise, ID. All of us at AB & Sons Trucking are firm believers in doing business with people close to home. We support local businesses every chance we get.

BOC-3 -Designation of process agent (one time fee)

Don't let companies take advantage of your hard earned money with annual fees for this service!! FMCSA requires the filing of a BOC-3 form or designation of process agents. This means having a person in each state, on record with the FMCSA to accept service of legal documents.

FMCSA Requires proof of the appropriate insurance coverage for the type of authority you are obtaining. They require evidence of: bodily injury and property damage: or cargo liability: or a surety bond or trust fund agreement for broker authority. Melanie, at Hub International and her team are great to work with. I have personally worked with them here at AB & Sons Trucking, as well as with other carriers in my career. They are local and provide exceptional service. Certificates of insurance on demand is huge in this business of moving freight. Hub International offers hands down the best way to get this done in the back office.


When you make changes to your authority name and/ or address, you must notify the FMCSA/ DOT. Then to remain in compliance, you need to report these changes to your process agent provider within 30 days of the change

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs:

The USDOT established regulatory requirements 49 CFR 382 and 49 CFR 40 which mandates that all carriers, private and for-hire in certain weight categories, have in place a program for random drug and alcohol testing. If your company has commercial vehicles with a GVW of over 26,001, or vehicles that are designed to transport 16 or more passengers, you are required to have this program in place before you begin operations.

This regulation needs to be taken seriously. Penalties for failure to have the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program in place are severe and can reach $11,000 per day.

Membership in consortium for random drug and alcohol screening. Program includes placement of the drivers into a "pool" for random test selection, a sample company policy and reasonable suspicion training material. There are many fly by night options available online so do your research. We can refer you to a great company based right here in Idaho. Contact Dana at Compliance Service Bureau LLC, 877-906-1303,

USDOT Drug & Alcohol testing requirements: Click on "Am I covered?"


Once all the specified requirements have been received and processed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they will complete the application process and grant the motor carrier authority. The FMCSA mails the motor carrier authority on the appointed "Grant Date"

Unified Carrier Registration:

UCR is now in force and must be completed before operations begin. Fines are being issued for not having your Unified Carrier Registration on file. Contact your state's DOT for more information. Idaho DOT

For Additional Authority Information or Assistance Contact The Following:

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) Licensing and Insurance Division:


US Department of Transportation:


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