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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

More and more shippers are requiring real time tracking on their shipments. Consistent updates and even tracking apps on driver's cell phones are required on many loads today. Innovative products are on the market to help automate this process and eliminate the need for those pesky tracking apps. In my 18 years of customer service, sales, dispatching and freight brokering, I know first hand getting a driver to accept tracking links on glitchy tracking apps is tough. Driver's don't like a tracking app on their personal cell phone. Companies like Project44 and Samsara to name a few have been a much needed option in the industry.

Multi-Shoring on the Rise

US companies seek to develop more resilient supply chains and will look to engage in more multi-shoring as result of their experiences with supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to demand surges and supply shortages, managing global supply chains during the pandemic was extremely difficult. . Companies had trouble finding suppliers and getting shipments delivered on time. In particular, importers bringing in products from China suffered shipping delays from reduced ocean shipping capacity and port congestion, resulting in unpredictable lead times for the door-to-door movements of goods.

As result of those problems, the report contends that companies will engage in more right-shoring or multi-shoring. Right-shoring refers to locating a business manufacturing operation or obtaining goods from suppliers in localities that provide the best combination of cost and efficiency. Instead of simply sourcing from China, as has been the practice, companies will look to other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, or Mexico for manufacturing or a supply base to create ​“diverse and resilient supply networks.”

Multi-Shoring Adds to Logistics Complexity

In the view of the report’s authors, the move towards right-shoring also means that supply chains will become more multi-modal and multi-node. That means companies will need to expand their freight monitoring to track multiple shipments traveling on multiple modes from multiple destinations. As the report notes, ​“The outcome is greater complexity to be managed, and a higher-profile role for logistics in helping shippers achieving resilience.”

With this added complexity comes the need for enhanced visibility over transportation movements to coordinate shipments. As the report states, right-shoring and multi-shoring efforts ​“will also increase demand for visibility across logistics segments, and for the technology that can provide such visibility.” Source: project44

Our Pick: Samsara Vehicle Gateway

Samsara has an awesome product. From real time GPS live sharing to an all in one option for ELD and fleet management, the Samsara Vehicle Gateway and Software are a step above the rest and can truly help automate your workflows. Automate your check calls and give your customers the visibility they require with Live Sharing. Fleet dispatchers and brokers can save valuable time on tracking loads and focus more on directing capacity to shippers in a very tight capacity market. Automated reporting can streamline back office operations. Tracking is just the tip of the Iceberg for what this incredible platform can do for your business. Automate IFTA miles Jurisdiction reporting sent right to your inbox for review and submission. Stay up on driver qualification compliance and much more. We encourage you to check this product out for yourself

Give Arington Jordan and the amazing team over at Samsara a call (404)-301-4077 or email Mention you read this blog on AB & Sons Trucking Blog for special discounts.

Stay safe and Profitable!!

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